Artist Research

Harlinde De Mol – fluid media for internal organs 

‘In her drawings and 3-dimensional work, Harlinde De Mol thinks about the (im)possibility of being human. About the problem of a human being as an object.’ 

With my idea of a tree and human connection I thought this related well in regards to the tree being the object. 

Harlinde’s delicate works are the result of an artistic search for, and fascination with, mortality. She draws the contradiction between the matter of the physical and the intangible. Man is abstracted as an object. Her work refers to scientific preparations and relics, but transcends this by a sense of balance and sensitivity. This way the viewer witnesses a silent, vulnerable conservation of her life. – images 

 Other fluid media painting: ANTOINE CORDET – I like this artists use of fluid media and the ghostly appliance that it gives. It provokes thoughts of loss and connection for me. 

All processes which eventually result in missing information and a play of lines. Harlinde  De Mol also works with bodies and lines. The lines she uses are marks which seem to ‘box’ the organic structures of the body. – line is a very prominent part of my work and is central to the direction that I have chosen to take in regards to my mark making.

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