Exercise 2.1 Using collage to extend mark making

Observations of finished piece:

  • The building is clear – because cut collaged pieces rather than ripped.
  • It is harder to distinguish parts of the drawing when the pieces of paper are ripped.
  • Blue sky does not look like part of the sky, it’s too overpowering. There is nothing to balance it in another part of the piece.
  • I’m glad I added ripped green painted paper to the foliage on the left of the piece makes it seem slightly more organic and tones down the chaos of the paper a little
  • I liked the palm tree when I first did it but on reflection it appears a bit heavy. I like the idea of how to imitate the branches but I think it’s too heavy for the rest of the piece. The building should be the most solid shape, although it does not appear to be as the palm tree is so dominant.
  • I really like the building and think it is evident that I spent most of my time producing this element of the piece. The rest of the composition however seems to be lacking in intricacy and detail.
  • I feel quite disappointed with this piece even though I spent over 8 hours on it.
  • I really didn’t enjoy the process. Artist Hannah Hoch is more the type of collage I would like to be doing.
  • I think the pieces of work I chose to use to create this piece were selected due to the amount of marks and lines I had on it.
  • One thing I have learnt from trying to capture tone is that when conducting my underlay drawing I need to map out the tones. Simply marking out light, medium and dark aspects will help me when it comes to sticking down the pieces to match my composition.
  • I like that the tree on the left hand side is built up like brushstrokes, which is what I was aiming for.
  • Blue sky – very abrupt/potentially too much. Maybe everything would be exaggerated in its use of colour?
  • I wonder if to draw out some of the leaves on the left hand circle? Maybe I could have done that with the palm tree if I had collaged it differently.


My drawing uses a broader range of marks. Maybe in my collage I needed to be slightly more intensive and not afraid to explore. I feel my techniques were fairly basic and I think this is related to my enjoyment of making the piece. I think I did push some ideas of collage when completing the palm tree but perhaps this could have been developed further. As always, I feel with the OCA courses you have to complete the exercise and then move on to start your developmental ideas all over again, without sufficient time to continue developing the particular skills/experiments. This time round I plan on taking what I have discovered here about pushing the boundaries of collage and see how that can be applied to the next exercise. I prefer the idea of drawing on top to produce a layered piece and feel this is the best way to portray my vision of the piece. Although I   wonder if I do have any interest not to show exactly what I am trying to portray – I’m not sure. Maybe I could use collage as a surface and draw/paint on top. I am undecided on collage and also need to work on tone, which is something mentioned in my assignment 1 feedback. I don’t feel as though I successfully mastered this exercise but I do have some thoughts to take forward with me.


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