Exercise 3.1 Constructing a drawing

I found this exercise really hard to get my head around at the beginning. I struggled with the idea of physically forming the shapes to reflect my use of tone in the 2D drawing. I struggled with how I was going to make the piece 3D but also to follow the tonal shapes. At first, I thought about mapping out a type of ‘net’ for the 3D shapes to then put together to construct the drawing. This was really difficult when it came to the curves of the fruit. The cardboard itself was difficult to manipulate. Due to this I thought about forming a base shape to then be able to manipulate the cardboard around. I’m not sure whether this would be considered ‘cheating’ but I use a type of wool padding and wire to create the shapes of the fruit first and then with a glue gun stuck the various shapes around the forms. This made it easier for me to see the tonal shapes fit together creating a 3D object.

The tonal relationships of the piece were very rigid. As in my collage there was no blending of the tones and cutting them out from a block shade of grey they were stuck to the shape that I gave them. I found that the piece is very much block shaped, which i’m not sure I like. I prefer the softer, blended edges when looking at a piece, however I started to find it easier to distinguish the tones with giving it a shape. It was a new, interesting way of looking at tone. I don’t feel that there was a point of tonal graduation as the exercise had instructed to stick with the 3 tones of grey.

The tones are more ‘blended’ together in the photograph that the object in real life. The spot light adds further shadow and highlights to the object in the photograph so I think the tones are exaggerated. The photograph also shows a shadow beneath the object so this adds to the further 3D effect from a 2D material.


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