Exercise 3.2 Back to two dimensions

At the beginning of this exercise I wasn’t completely sure what the point was. I found making the 3D piece very frustrating and this followed through to my drawings of my 3D object. However in terms of the reflection process, making my 3D piece definitely helped me see my drawings differently. I was much more focused on shape and the composition of the individual shapes from my still life and how they fit together to form the overall shape. This was an interesting discovery and I wanted to demonstrate that in my drawing once I had created the 3D piece. I completed one of the drawings in acrylic and another in charcoal. The acrylic stands out to me in regards to shape and clear tone. I think due to the smoothness of the medium I used and the clear neat sections of tone, create a sense that the drawing is stepping out from the paper, in my mind the negative space around this drawing is quite important as it was in the 3D way. Making shadows to give it a weighted quality. My charcoal drawing is a lot more free and almost ‘scruffy’ which I don’t think relates to my 3D piece very well but I wanted to try out another medium to see what I could produce. The tonal gradients aren’t as clear and due to this I think some of the form is lost. This exercise has taught me how to really ‘look’ at a 3D object or structure and consider the shapes and tones within in relation to how it forms the overall shape.


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