Exercise 3.3 and 3.4

I was struggling to think of a room that I could use that would be connected to my theme of rural vs. urban and somewhere that people would be able to come and view my work and see the relationship between the public interacting with the work, or even if it was just me. I considered various derelict buildings but these are difficult to find and would defeat the object of having people view the work as it wouldn’t be a place where people generally walk through for example. I thought about changing the word ‘room’ in the course material and seeing it as a ‘space’. This then opened up some other ideas such as a landscape. Perhaps Wimbledon common, near where I live. If I was going to use a rural space I would want to create a piece of work that reflected the urban landscape creating that visual contrast. On the other hand if I chose a space within the city, I would want to create a drawing that reflected the rural landscape, using natural materials.

This then gave me the idea of creating a room, a structure within nature. This was a trip out to the common at the weekend where my partner helped me create a ‘wig-wam’ type structure attempting to imitate a building, structure. Due to the materials we had access to, the strong, overpowering structure I had in mind became a rather small shelter. It didn’t quite have the effect I was going for and I unfortunately I felt I needed to move on from this idea.


After this I thought about the artists we were asked to look at and considered using nature to create a similar piece of work. I set myself up in the park near where I live and tied some paint brushes that I had dipped in ink and charcoal onto some string, which I then attached to some branches in the park. I placed a long roll of paper underneath for the wind to create marks.

This was quite an interesting process as I felt frustrated watching the wind do the work. I wanted to jump in and edit some of the marks. Make some longer, make some of them harder. I wonder if now on reflection as I write this I could perhaps create a series of these and then return to the studio to add my own marks. More deliberate marks?! (its been about 2 weeks between me writing this and creating the artwork).

At the time, I once again didn’t feel satisfied that I had created an art work that would be ‘acceptable’ for this exercise. I wanted to go further. I considered combing my idea of making a structure and then this structure creating a drawing itself, just like the paintbrushes in the wind. I am still up to this point (about 2 weeks later), creating weaves to attached to my structure. Once again, reflecting now I think I should try and stick with this idea and keep persevering.

As usual, I seem to have got carried away and I started thinking about weaves and the link between what I was doing and my research.

All this said, you can find below where I have gone a little off topic, but I think I am going to complete this ‘structure/building’ i’m going to create.


Images of twigs and weaving:

Images added to photos – 


http://helmicoenders.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-03-23T09:47:00%2B01:00&max-results=10 – twig teepees 

https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/45036065006006736/ – terpes with fabric wrapped round – link to wigwam in forest. Could I create a room?!?

Artist https://www.nataliemillerdesign.com/synopsis 

Natalie Miller:

Her landscape and travel heavily influences her work. Taking inspiration from various cultures. 

All the art works that I was finding interesting had to come from some cultural background so discovered that it most closely relates to Native Americans = living in teepees. Their clothes and jewellery resonated with what I was finding online and how I wanted my work to move forward. 

What is the personal link with Native Americans? =

I’m keen on bringing in colour and life from around the world. We are such a multicultural society now, epically now that I live in London we should be embracing the diversity. Comparing this to Ross Kemp show I have watched on TV and looking at the destruction people are doing to each other around the world. Modern society is taking over and instead of people fighting with spears its now guns. 

Im keen to express the diversity between the two. The modern and the strong cultural backgrounds from around the world. Native Americans seemed to fit in well with the materials I was using and a far removed from the life we know today. They lived in teepees – made from wood. Colour was plentiful and now we live in a rat race. Going to work and sleeping. Always striving for the next promotion. Where has the joy in life disappeared to. This is what I want to bring back! 

A slice of colour in a world where it is grey. 

I have babbled but this is along the lines of what I am thinking, personally linking into my art. 

Links with idea of destruction. Urban vs. rural. 

Visit to the British museum would be a good shout to move forward with for assignment 3. 

Link it to our own history and our cultures = what’s Britain’s culture? Queen? 

Native American research:


British culture research:

https://www.studying-in-uk.org/british-culture-and-social-norms/ – quite interesting to read how boring we are. We aren’t like this. Show what amazing things we have to offer in the UK? But I don’t want my art to be about that… WW1 destruction?

my own attempts :

I have decided to park all these ideas and clear my mind to be able to move forward with this part of the course. (this is why there is strike through but I wanted to put it in to show my thought process, thinking about returning to these ideas for assignment 5). I think, as always, I have done too much thinking and not enough doing and I now am not creating any work because I do not know where to start, what idea to commit to or how to go about it. I’m going to try and make something basic and enjoyable that perhaps has more of a focus on the materiality and physicality of the art rather than looking too much into a concept or theory behind the work.

So moving forward I will be simply experimenting with string, wool, rope to see what shapes, lines and interesting work I can create. Perhaps play around with scale and simply look more at the elements and principles of art. (this was written before I wrote my reflection so I am now on the right path – going forward with weave of building and drawing in the wind)!!!!!!

Exercise 3.4:

So far, in response to these 2 exercises I am disappointed with the work that I have produced. I think I have just completely misinterpreted the exercise and I don’t think I have really experienced and investigated ‘space’ in the way I should have.  I was really excited by all the possibilities to combine installation art and drawing and I think it went to my head! I was eager to get started and I rushed off without really understanding the course instructions. I was really intrigued by the artistic research from ‘the drawing room’ of combining 3D works with 2D drawing and I think my ideas got the better of me. My recent trip to see the work of Emma Talbot also took me by surprise and seems to have influenced my ideas more than I realise. I feel like I almost need to start all over again and have another go at these exercises, separate from the ideas I have muddled my mind with.

I have not been as immersed as I was in assignment 2. I enjoyed some of the processes and experimentation such as the weaving, sewing and printing but I think it was all too rushed and having my thoughts rushed I think it shows in my work. Exercise 3.4 asked you to connect to a room/space that you had an affinity with. I completely over looked this part and I think my work would have taken a different avenue if I had taken my time over this. I think due to my decision in almost combining exercise 3.3 and 3.4 I took less instruction from the course material and went full steam ahead.

If anything the exercises have given me some ideas to go forward with.

Moving forward, I hope to take a step back and bring a focus back into my work, perhaps focussing on just one thing, for assignment 3.

What I have decided to take forward with me for assignment 3:

  • think about a particular place that has meaning to me and draw from it. Take photographs of objects, of the landscape. Close ups and scenery.
  • Thinking about the materials – will I focus on line or textiles?
  • What will my scale be? More fixed together like a collage and my weave?
  • Respond to the study point of the drawing room: extending a line in space – what could this mean… play with this idea in the predatory stages of the assignment piece.

(The above has been written before the completed outcomes of exercises 3.3 and 3.4.. I still need to complete the onsite installation of exercise 3.4 and complete the wind drawing of exercise 3.3)

Completed outcomes of 3.3 and 3.4:



I have come away from the park (where I installed my drawings/work for exercise 3.3 & 3.4) feeling a little optimistic now about what I can take forward. I was surprisingly pleased with the outcome of the ‘wind’ drawing (exercise 3.3). I was hoping that the structure of the bamboo would some how reflect in the marks, in that it would create a suggestion of a square-ish form on the paper. I think that there is subtle evidence of this which I think creates an opportunity to consider making further structures and seeing the marks that they create, like artist Karina Smigla-Bobinksi. I like that there are more marks on the outside which create a softer centre to the piece. I feel that the piece is full of rhythm, imitating the physical movement of the structure. I also have to admit that there wasn’t much wind in the park and I pushed the structure to create some of the marks, however it weirdly made me feel like I was part of the piece without directly drawing on it. I feel like I can see something in it. I wonder if a series of these drawings might be quite interesting. Drawing on top of it is something to consider too. 

Whilst I was photographing the weave piece (exercise 3.4), I was once again surprised at how it made me feel. Maybe its this small idea in the back of my head about a tribal influence, a connection to nature. I thought it was a great opportunity to emphasise nature and on reflection I wonder if the imagery, subject matter attached to the weave should be reflective of nature and not the opposite. 

I also need to think that if I would like to take this idea forward for assignment 3 then I unfortunately wont be able to use the weaves as I cant attach the prints onto fabric with the sewing machine (and I would like to attach the mono prints with sewing as I prefer the effect of the embedded material with each other rather than just stuck on top as I had to do for this exercise). 

For exercise 3.3 I made a structure to imitate a building, architecture, city link to then portray the continuous theme of urban vs. rural, but I now need to think about how I could just use nature and complete a ‘wind’ drawing with simply just the influence of nature. I recognise I am directing my art into a nature inspired theme, but I am currently reading a book called ‘the wisdom of trees’ and I think this is affecting my decision making for my art, a personal response to my interests. I am also aware that for drawing 1 my final part 5 assignment was based upon experience of place and trees so I don’t want to make work too similar to that. 

For assignment 3, however, I think that I would like to take forward the ‘wind’ drawing experiments and perhaps adding further marks and my own drawings to the drawings that the ‘wind’ produces. I am going to pick a place (like a should have done in exercise 3.4) and respond to that place with completing various drawings of the place, connecting to it, looking at objects, photographing it, vary the scale, close ups etc. I would like to take line forward as a key principle for this assignment. 

Drawings inside a lightning struck tree – drawings with string hanging inside the tree. 

Artists for assignment 3 influence:

For assignment 4 I’m going to try and force myself away from nature and this having too much of an influence on me.


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