Extra Research (develop own interests)


The term ‘Pschogeography’ came up in a drawing forum on the OCA emails. Using my own resources to understand this term I initially broke down the word into 2 parts. ‘Geography; –  land, geographical settings and ‘pscho’ – mental state, peoples thoughts so I looked the term up. It is an actual art term in the words of the Tate. My understanding is that it is a term used to examine and explore the relationship between people and place. This is a real true interest of mine, something that I started to discover during my part 5 in Drawing 1. It is something that I would like to keep coming back to and relating my ideas too during this course also.

Tate. (2018) Psychogeography. At: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/art-terms/p/psychogeography (Accessed on 20 July 2018)


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