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8th September Saturday workshop: landscape

On Saturday 8th September I attended an OCA workshop led by OCA tutor Clare Wilson.

The workshop was based on landscape and your experience of it. We were asked to bring in 2 images of landscape. 1. a picture of a place that you feel connected to in some way and 2. To bring in a picture of a place that you’ve never been before but want to go. We were also asked to bring in an object that means something to us.

My first picture was of the Surrey Downs, somewhere I regularly go walking since moving to London and I enjoy the escape from the city.

My second image was actually a screenshot from and instagram story of a place in America called ‘Death Valley’.

My object that I chose was a shell that I had collected from a beach from my hometown, bournemouth.

To begin with and throughout the day we had discussions about what landscape meant to us and our relationship to it. OCA tutor Clare Wilson also discussed some of her own work with us.

Notes that I wrote whilst discussing Clare’s work:

  • Random
  • Process enhanced
  • Engage full in the landscape to remove the obvious part of a landscape
  • Explore and portray the landscape as the unknown/unfamilar/un-recognisble
  • Experience of place in relation to your painting
  • Material led painter – am I a material led drawer?
  • layers/fluid media/investigative
  • interested in lyrical landscape – poetic idea/link
  • Question your work/identify what style you are working at
  • Everyone has their own experience of landscape
  • Prep studies – inform her work but never worked when tried to replicate it
  • Boundaries of a landscape
  • Memory or recollection of a place. Rarely direct
  • Cross disciplines – mono prints and painting
  • Shadows
  • You can look at trees and ‘know’ them but they are the ‘unknown’
  • Never completely finished

Below are my thoughts and ideas during the discussion and when drawing:

  • history linking to landscape to understand the place and your interpretation of the place
  • Collage for exercise 3.3 (in space – shape/line)
  • Labour intensive drawing
  • Tracing
  • Loss of control
  • Corre ting the line every time I go over it
  • The limits
  • Discussing what I have drawn – 2d hard to draw from; limiting. Normally draw some detailed observations and then put it int the landscape back at the studio – re-constructing the image

During drawing:

Prepping the surface for collage 1.

  • limitless – dont want sky
  • Patches of paper to imitate fields that cover the show page. Perhaps it needs something right at the top though?

2nd collage:

  • like the idea of bringing in tow different things from different place and using them in one drawing.
  • The object and the collage one fighting with each other (up to charcoal bit)
  • I hadn’t a plan of what I was going to do and I struggled at first, with the idea of using an object and landscape but physiologically I started to loosen up and find a way to enjoy the process and go along with what I had to work with.
  • Spoke about the repetition of landscape but also the change- the repetition but change of line each time I draw around the shell.
  • Not working with image. Disturbing the image – something completely different.
  • I struggled with what I was producing (the transfer drawing tracing the shell on top) and wish I had extended the photo transfer image but Im glad I attempted to incorporate my shell into the piece.
  • Im not particularly pleased with the outcome but I tried to experiment with 2 very different images
  • I think extending the image, crating a surrealist image from it would have created a more ‘pleasing’ image

End of day discussion:

  • I found it hard amalgamating object and photo, especially since they weren’t linked – maybe I could try it again but using an object from that landscape.
  • Was using an actual image a hindrance? – from my work from the more material pint of view yes. I didn’t think about the connection of the piece.

I really enjoyed the day. It was a great opportunity to work with other students from various levels. I think discussions about our work is immensely helpful for the reflection process and also finding out about how other people work. I loved being in the atmosphere surrounded by like minded people. I have some ideas to take forward with me onto my next part of my course.

Other students work:


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